The Catholic Institutions in Hong Kong (1842 - 1896)



Church, Wellington Street, (Rebuilt in 1860) L. 50.
1858-1879 Roman Catholic Seminary, Pottinger Street.
1845-1852 Free School for Portuguese, Wellington Street.
1860-1865 Chinese School for boys, Wellington Street.
1860-1865 English School for boys, Wellington Street.
1860-1865 Portuguese School for boys, Wellington Street.
1866-1881 St. Saviors College, Pottinger Street.
1860-1861 English School for boys, Staunton Street.
1860-1861 Portuguese School for boys, Staunton Street.
1880-1896 Free Ragged School, Bridges Street.
1887-1896 Free School, Bridges Street, by Sisters of Charity.
1894-1896 Sacred Familys Family Chapel, Bridge Street.
1888-1895 Hollywood Road Charitable school.
1883-1896 Victoria Portuguese School.
1883-1896 Victoria School (Private Schools).


1846- French Convent, asylum for orphans, Queens Road, ML. 23, 23.
1848-1856 Free School in English & French by The Sisters of Charity.
1860-1874 School for Chinese girls near Spring Garden.
1860-1873 School for Chinese boys near Spring Garden.
1874- Free School, Spring Garden.
1881- Chapel at the Asile de la St. Enfance, Spring Garden.
1850-1857 Roman Catholic Seminary, Queens Road.
1859-1896 St. Francis Chapel, St. Francis Street on IL No. 349.
1860- Italian Convent Schools, asylum for foundling, orphans and destitute women, on Lot 149. (Queens Road East)
1857-1873 St. Francis Hospital IL No. 199.
1872-1874 School at St. Josephs Convent, St. Francis Street, for Anglo-Portuguese & Chinese.
1860-1896 Magdalene Asylum.
1875-1881 St. Joseph Hospitium, Wanchai Free School.
1880- All Souls Chapel at Cemetery, Wongneichung Valley.
1847-1890 French Mission House on IL No. 119.
1852-1865 French Seminary for the Chinese students, Sookunpoo.
1866-1870 Seminary, Caroline Hill.
1860-1864 Chapel at Sookunpoo.
1862-1887 St. Francis College, on IL No. 358 at Sookunpoo.
1891- Shaukiwan.


1846-1847 Free School at Western District, attached to the chapel.
1848-1859 Free School in English & Portuguese by Rev. P. Girard.
1848-1859 Free School in Chinese by Chun Ayce.
1850-1854 Free School, Taipingshan.
1863- Chinese School in West Point.
1864-1896 Reformatory, West Point on IL No. 833.
1871- St. Lewis Chapel, West Point.
1878-1893 Sacred Heart Church, West Point.
1892- St. Anthonys Church, West Point.


1873- French Mission Sanitarium on Farm Lot No. 24.
1881- Chapel.
1892- Nazareth Printing office.


1860-1896 Spanish Mission House, IL No. 150.
1860-1869 Portuguese, Chinese and English School for girls, Caine Road.
1867-1870 Pre-School & Week School, Caine Road.
1871-1896 The Italian Convent Free School, Caine Road.
1881-1896 Our Blessed Lady of Sorrow, Italian Convent, Caine Road.
1886- Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Caine Road, IL No. 59.
1891- French Mission House on IL No. 151.
1872- St. Josephs Church, Garden Road (Destroyed by typhoon in 1874. Rebuilt in 1876).
1875-1885 St. Josephs College, Robinson Road, IL 94, under the Christian Brothers.



Church in Stanley (temporary).



Church, Aberdeen, on IL No. 1.
1860-1889 Chinese school for boys in Aberdeen, by Fr. Stephanus Chu.


1891- Yaumati.
1890- Holy Infant School.
1891- Hunghom School.